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Coffee Appreciation Post – Counter Culture and New World Coffee House

As some of you may know I used to work for the corporate coffee conglomerate known in my social circle as “Starsucks!” and it was a grueling and disgusting three years that if you ever have the time I’d love to discuss with anyone. And after I was finally rid of that place it really left a bad taste in my mouth for coffee, a drink I’ve loved since I was little (that my grandparents blame my short stature on)

However, my fiance started his coffee career the moment I left mine and found a job at an upscale coffee joint downtown called Joule.

I had actually applied there and was put through a horrible and unprofessional set of interviews but nothing compares to the hell he was put through. Working without pay in the name of “interview,” being told it would take 6 months to become “bar certified” and even begin making drinks, a task that well as someone who has trained people in coffee shouldn’t take that long.

But eventually roads led us to New World Coffeehouse. The oldest coffeehouse in the Raleigh area, whose changed owners more times than we can count, but whose charm is not found in its decor or outward appearance but is instead found in its traditional European lattes and delicious Counter Culture pour overs.

Even when I was a coffee drinker I would only drink coffee with cream and sugar, but Counter Cultures smooth, rich, and creamy flavors allow me to not only find myself drinking coffee again but enjoying lattes – something I could not stomach at Starbucks and drinking black coffee.

A few local coffee houses in the area serve Counter Culture, one of the most recognized and world renowned coffee roasters in America, including Jubala, which happens to be within driving distance of my work. And now I’m addicted again.

While being a full time student, my fiance is also a full time barista at New World and is hoping to get Counter Culture certified, a training certificate awarded to young baristas who can make signature beverages and have overall beverage making talent.

Even though he’s new to the game, I thought I would share some of the latte art he’s been able to create and hope that you stop by New World Coffee House, in Raleigh NC and see if you too can enjoy some signature coffee, try a traditional latte, and sip on some really cool latte art.


Native American for Thanksgiving!
He called it the Loch Ness Monster
Perfecting the Dragon

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